List of ongoing projects

Titel Kurzbeschreibung Fördergeber Projektnummer Laufzeit
Adhesively Bonded Joints Development of a method to design thick structural adhesive bonds since 06/2013
ATLAS Analysis of Acoustic Loads on Space Structures

since 01/2016

BirdStrike Development of an LSDynaFEmodel / tool for calculation of bird strikes on CFRP structures EU 307612 since 01/2013
FatigueStrengthening Calculating the fatigue behaviour of
steel fibre plastic joints
since 07/2014
iBOSS-2 Developing modular disigned space systems BMWi 50 RA 1200 since 09/2012
iBOSS-3 Developing modular disigned space systems BMWi 50 RA since 09/2015

Developing methods for structural analysis of rivet joints

since 10/2014
LARC PETW Tests for Loads Aeroelastics and their Robust Control BMWi
LuFo IV-4
20E1106 since 08/2012
multiSat Development of multifunctional lightweight structures for satellites BMWi since 10/2016

SmartSHM – Developing of an Intelligent SHM-System

since 01/2014