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Nima  Jafarzadeh Aghdam
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Crash and shock wave propagation in structures SLA
  • crash, shock wave propagation in material structures
  • condition monitoring & fault diagnosis

About Mr. Aghdam

Nima Jafarzadeh Aghdam studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Tabriz from 2008 to 2015 and received his master’s degree in Applied Design. During his studies, in 2012, he won the Outstanding Student Award of the B.Sc. Program. From 2011 till 2016 he worked as a Design Engineer at Alupat Industries. Since 2016 he is a PhD candidate working at the Institute of Structural Mechanics and Lighweight Design to research and design lightweight crash structures. His dissertation discusses the topic of „Investigating thin walled structures behavior under crash loading“. In the summer term, he teaches Finite Element Methods im Lightweight . Over the years Mr. Aghdam developed a profound knowledge in the research fields of Crash, Shock Wave Propagation in Structures and Structural Health Monitoring.



Title Author(s) Year

Effect of Piezoelectric Patches on the Vibration and Buckling of Euler-Bernoulli Beam Under Axial Load

H. Biglari, V. ArabMaleki, N. Jafarzadeh Aghdam 2016

Investigating Fatique Life Effects on the Vibration Properties in Friction Stir Spot Welding Using Experimental and Finite Element Modal Analysis

N. Jafarzadeh Aghdam, S. Hassanifard, M.M. Ettefagh, A. Nanvayesavojbolaghi 2014


Student theses

Available Bachelor/Master Thesis:

Design of crash structures for passenger vehicles



Lehrveranstaltung Semester

Processes and Principles for Lightweight Design

Finite Elements Methods in Lightweight Design

WS 17/18

SS 17