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Mohammadzamaan Sadeghi
Institute of Structural Mechanics and Lightweight Design


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Adhesively Bonded Joint SLA

Adhesively Bonded Joint

  1. Fracture characterisation of adhesively bonded joints under static and fatigue loading
  2. Sizing the adhesively bonded structures (such as patch repairs ,etc.) under fatigue loading
  3. Developing numerical and analytical frameworks for predicting fatigue lifetime in such joints

About Mr. Sadeghi

Zamaan Sadeghi Mechanical Engineering in the field of Solid Mechanics from 2008 at IAU in Iran. After receiving his Master’s degree, he was offered a teaching post in some higher education institutes in Iran. In March 2011 he moved to England and in October 2012 he started his career as a research collaborator in Labo-Soete in Gent University in Belgium. His work in Labo-Soete would include numerical and analytical investigation on Fretting Fatigue problems. Since September 2014, he started his career in SLA as a research assistance. His area of research lies in adhesively bonded joints. He is also in charge of teaching in different courses.



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Student thesis



Lectures Semester
Finite Element Methods in Lightweight Design SS17
Processes and Principles for Lightweight Design WS16/17
Finite Element Methods in Lightweight Design SS16
Processes and Principles for Lightweight Design WS15/16