Martin Schubert

Martin Schubert
Institute of Structural Mechanics and Lightweight Design


Building: 1320

Room: 415

Wüllnerstraße 7

52062 Aachen


Phone: +49 241 80 96840

Office Hours

by appointment.


  • Sizing and computation of composite structures
  • Development of multifunctional lightweight structures for satellites multiSat


About Mr. Schubert

Martin Schubert studied Mechanical Engineering at RWTH Aachen University from 2007 until 2012 and in the year 2014 he received his master’s degree in Development and Design Engineering. In 2011 he went abroad for one semester to study at NTNU Trondheim University in Norway. In November 2014 he began working at the SLA as research assistant. His field of work comprises the calculation and simulation of composite structures and the development of multifunctional lightweight structures for satellite applications.


Student theses

Pending theses

Ongoing theses

Concluded theses

Kalapis, S.: Development of a numerical test rig for the design of space structures against impact by space debris

George, K.; Hebartz, Y.; Post, S.: Design and simulation of the passive radiation shield for multifunctional satellite structures

Arabin, P.; Heidt, A.: Thermal investigation of inserts in sandwich panels for modular satellites

Richstein, R.: Dimensioning and simulation of the heat transfer capability of multifunctional lightweight structrues for satellites

Dronskowski, M.: Design and dimensioning of multifunctional lightweight structures for satellites

Reichartz, T., Röder, J.: Development of integrative concepts for multifunctional lightweight structres for satellites

Heins, T., Lim, S.: Development of an Insert Design Approach for Monocoque Sandwich Structures

Li, G.: Sizing and proof of strength of the fuselage of a wooden ultralight aircraft

Keusgen, A.: Development and Design of the Composite Structure of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with Tiltrotor for Transportation of Low Payloads

Kulkarni, D.: Development, Design and Proof of Strength of the Composite Structure of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with Tiltrotor

Spiewak, M. N.: Design and Dimensioning of the Front Fuselage of a Canard Sailplane


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